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quinine information:
In 8 women who delivered live infants 1 to 6 days after starting quinine therapy, placental cord plasma quinine levels were between 1. “We believe unapproved quinine products represent a serious health risk because of the widespread use of this product for treating leg cramps. Unlike the approved product, many unapproved quinine drug products are marketed without labeling cautioning against use of the product for treatment of leg cramps. The development of more effective alternatives such as quinacrine, chloroquine, and primaquine in the twentieth century reduced the reliance on quinine. However, there is only one quinine product approved by the FDA. There is also the potential for serious interactions between quinine drugs and other drugs, and there are conditions under which quinine should not be used. Quinine is a drug with a narrow margin between an effective dose and a toxic dose. quinine food/lifestyle InteractionsThere is 1 food/lifestyle interaction with quinineSee also. These drugs may increase the risk of hypoglycemia by enhancing insulin sensitivity (ACE inhibitors, fibrates, ginseng); stimulating insulin secretion (salicylates, NSAIDs, disopyramide, quinine, quinidine, MAOIs, ginseng); increasing peripheral glucose utilization (SSRIs, insulin-like growth factor); inhibiting gluconeogenesis (SSRIs, MAOIs, insulin-like growth factor); slowing the rate of gastric emptying (amylin analogs); and/or suppressing postprandial glucagon secretion (amylin analogs). Quinine is only recommended for use during pregnancy when there are no alternatives and benefit outweighs risk. The rate of spontaneous abortion was lower in women treated with quinine (3.

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