Friday, November 27, 2009 6:06 PM Judy

Oh no I didn't! (Black Friday) 11/27/09


I fancied a walk today (it wasn't raining! The sun was actually out) and ended up heading downtown. Of course it was madness, but it was fun in a way, like a party. Everyone seemed to have kids or grandparents or dogs with them.  I went into Anthropologie and Nordstrom's and tried on a few sweaters, belts, leather jackets (thus avoiding long dressing room lines!). But it was validating that all of the one's I already own I like so much better! So I didn't buy one thing. I did not need one thing. It was a good feeling.  As I walked home up Pine Street, there was a well-dressed crowd of folks outside Old Navy carrying picket signs that said: Buy More Stuff and handing out these cards. ( I took some pics but again they got deleted in the import!) It was hysterical! Check out their page.

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