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I'm trying out a new blog that has some simpler features. I wonder if the photos look good there? Let me know what you think. I've turned on comments again.
color combo Paul's orchid taken with the iPhone.

pulsing design OBEY


Bollywood and green that Indian place too...and ran into Natasha.

She was taken with Luke's tattoo of a duck: ducky

(his phone ring is a quack too).

I saw these great chairs in front of Stumptown coffee: see the yellow shoe behind it?

And they are plastic!

And then I saw another set of three next door... Old school

at Rudy's Barbershop.

April issue of W magazine: W magazine

tells us that the guy that started APC has opened a preschool... W magazine

and that Shirley MacLaine will play Coco Chanel in a Lifetime

miniseries this fall. Acne Hep in Fresh

While the machines wash... i love clothes with messages

the jeans with the messages.

love the converse legs

and her heart:

little messages of love

thank you...love, Judy

don't say it's gross, it's clean!

"Ladies room"...mine...well, I was cleaning!

worth the price so far


the warm hum


see it the way God sees it sock feet and sky

Lovely sky last night in Kingston...while Raj asked: "What do you want?  Truth or illusion?"

54 degrees

for housecleaning today:

you made you bed...

piles of laundry

Luke and I will haul all that laundry to the car and on to the laundromat.

rolling style

Grateful for dishwashers!

can we manage?

Adam and Ashlee left for Berlin early this morning...

Seattle to Chicago to Dublin to...Berlin!  Enjoy the journey.

yes, we can!

It will take them about 23 hours of travel...Ash made a sweet blog to document their travels.

Ashlee and Vanessa

Your beautiful bags in every day use! We all thank you.

hang on

Grippy and flexible...Joby Gorillapod.

I admit the cold and grey this spring got to me...feeling very pleased to see the sun again. transformer
with safron we look alike Luke! (learning how to use the self-timer :)!)
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