Tuesday, January 15, 2008 12:44 AM Judy

What I discovered this weekend about polenta...

my sauce I do like how the iPhone makes things look "dreamy" wish this was a better pic...I used my phone!

It tastes better if you make it with chicken stock than water! I had some homemade in the fridge.

AND you can make it in the oven! (and stir it every ten minutes)

AND to get it more crunchy when you fry it, you can oil the sides of the squares.

I learned these things from this recipe on Food Network, (though I did not do the onion and garlic because my own tomato sauce is heavy on the garlic).

Oh, and adding lots of butter and cheese before it firms up...yes, good.

I only just noticed that the recipe is from Alton Brown! Only Chris's favorite guy...and of course, Alton's got it down. He's the man.

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