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I like living here


she's made of newspaper.

what are these?

this tree on Thomas and Harvard has these huge blossoms...

gorgeous tree
wow, stunning.

sidewalk messages...now it's on my fridge.

at the Broadway Farmer's Market:

this bag...I got close enough to read: Matt & Nat Montreal!
They have loads of bags...and they are faux leather too.

Here's this style, though not in brown.

she'd altered it

and this dress...gee, it's all "circular"!

party for one

Mitch and I went to hear him speak
and then I read the book.

He's entertaining in both
and I felt the energy in my hands
after reading "how"

Refreshingly simple
down to earth
and funny.

Favorite quote from the book:
"remain childlike"

in the car.

he didn't know
in the grocery line.

all lined up
of the empty trash cans late at night.

Tony's got a new audio...in many formats.

let there be light

Ashlee's painting on the right
shot of the cafe.

be the light that shines
To the Lighthouse!

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who knew they were so amazing?

Posted Thursday, July 12, 2007 1:34 PM by Judy
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