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Chris took this!
I know, it's shocking...five years're 18 now!  And you're so cool!

my little matador

flamenco fan

Chris took this one of Adam
of a picture.


While doing some random search, this article from ReadyMade
magazine showed up...about a shirt folding video. Click here to watch it!

we're electrified again.  Dinner by candlelight was fun!

Something made me cook dinner early...

laptop and flashlight

so that when the power went off (notice there are no lights on out the window)...the rice was cooked...

kind of 18th century and romantic

the chicken and artichokes too...if I didn't open the oven door for a while.

it's an adventure
I'm glad for the wine.



tread lightly

lighting the way at QFC


Posted Friday, March 9, 2007 5:28 PM by Judy
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mac shadows
(65 degrees!!)

and 57 degrees right now.

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