October 2006 - Posts

colors in this window.

is cute!

at the hairdressers

this has been here for like a year!

Look up:

The Biltmore

and look down:

me and my big wide pants

noticed this this morning
tea saucer and spoon.

the final stages
across the street.

Lovely leather wristband by Tracey Tanner.

sliding by

tonight, 5:30 ish
and see the rainbow.

the hair, the costumes, Versailles!

the bus seems late, but I make it to the theater just as the afternoon show of the new film Marie Antoinette begins on opening day. And as I stand there in the dark, wondering if there are any seats, a sweet lady offers me a seat next to her, "if it's not too far back". We both enjoyed it from our conjoined "handicapped" seats.

Amanda Kravat
discovered while rewatching the film If Lucy Fell a few weeks ago.


fresh, not fried

Pumpkin Patch

the red and the blue
at the Egyptian...where I saw The Science of Sleep.

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