August 2006 - Posts

whoa baby

what's all that water coming out?

Chris takes a shot

three weird triangles and a phone booth!

three dots

rocky shore
at LaPush, WA.

sunset drive
in the Olympics.

brick by brick
Seems like it's been a while...

he he he

cruise ship
like ships that pass in the night.

rub a dub dub
at the car wash.

big!  and clean
at the Paramount Theater...and some others.

amazing organ

we won free tickets to Silent Movie Monday...

it's pretty inside
in the drawing at Trader Joe's on Capitol Hill. It was so much fun!

like Provence


If you build it, they will come

Field of Dreams

Life-size plastic cows

he wasn't going faster than anyone else :)

was funny car day on the 520 bridge. First, Mr. Red Bull...

the driver was wearing a helmet

then little yellow one man car like a minute later...

it made kind of a winding noise
Pretty adorable.

digging away today

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