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tattoo statue

just sitting there!
Yes, another screw...yesterday by the building's back entrance.

Rascal Flats...Bless the Broken Road
via iTunes...all those American Idol contestants who sing this song got me curious about the original.

pretty lanterns and colors and paintings

for us at VIO'S MARKETPLACE 903 19TH AVE E Seattle, WA 98112.

rice pudding, pear cake and apple crisp
the bright lights and colors drew us in...and it was just delicious!

So last saturday night Chris and I watched the film Style Wars...and then, the strangest thing happened...there's suddenly more grafitti in the neighborhood...here's some of it:

is it spinning?
was here last Monday...reminded me of that movie, Uzumaki!

with a rose
at the B & O Espresso.

as of today
when it comes to the construction across the street.

such a cold stare

Seattle City Light
pretty grate.

checking out the postcards at the library

What I got at the bookstore: Oh! My God! I Miss You.

Vogue belongs to the library

...and a sketchbook!

it's a goldmine for moleskines

look at all the notebooks...

journals and stationery
at Bailey Coy Books.

random order

If you like to see other work spaces...click here...it's fun.

September 5, 2005
I keep thinking of her...here is the update page for The Christian Science Monitor, who she works for.

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