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I want to recommend this documentary...To Be and To Have, (in English)...about a teacher and his students in a one room school in rural France. It is such a sweet portrait of a caring man and his tender relationship with the children. I got to see it on the big screen when it came out a few years ago, and it played on the Sundance Channel last night.

view from the throne

of this ladies room...

circular glow

at Blue C Sushi...

go ahead, stick your hands in, it won't bite
complete with a Jet Towel!

take the one that looks good to eat!

a little Alfred Hitchcock

red and green
photo's from our Portland trip last tuesday.

a cute little taco place

to be filled in with color later
Adam's right arm...his left one can be seen here.

on my Portland stroll

fenced in

colorful corner

view from the cushy sofa
Albina Press ...where we spent the afternoon sipping and munching and browsing the web while Adam got his new tattoo...oh, I need to do a picture of that!

little red jewel window

pretty pumpkin

they do details
up nice in Portalnd.

the one I want

Santa's ride
in Portland.

Nordstrom's...the best lounge downtown

another one.

festivus...for the rest of us
at Gene Juarez, the place that good girls get to go on their birthdays. I had an algae scrub, or something like that!

we've taken over this corner
we're all laptopping at the Albina Press in...
a three hour "tour"
Portland!...while Adam get's new "ink" on his right arm at:
cute blue building
Atlas Tattoo!

Scary edge

Luke, Chris and Adam
at the Salish Lodge.

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