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at the B and O Espresso

someone's sidewalk stencil

Current Seattle temperature...54 degrees!  Love it!

Chris's picture on my bag
Miss you, Chris!

Season premiere of these shows tonight:

Everybody knows Desperate Housewives

Everybody avoids Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm

Some don't know Ricky Gervais from BBC's The Office has a new show on HBO called Extras !

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HUGE gum balls at Blockbuster Video

about watching Greg The Bunny

Greg and Warren, puppets listening to Chris laugh 'til he cries!

cozy shag

piles of books

"Tokyo: A Certain Style" (Kyoichi Tsuzuki)

"Emotions Revealed : Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life" (Paul Ekman)

"Spilling Open : The Art of Becoming Yourself" (Sabrina Ward Harrison)

The Tokyo book shows tiny apartments with creative use of space.

The emotion book is all about how everything is on the face.

Sabrina Ward Harrison is as beautiful as her work.

UVillage Apple store

this is cool, but I think I'd end up losing it!
would be really dangerous!

not sure what "he" is

riding the animals after dark

fountain at night
The fountain at the new Cal Anderson Park

a quiet intersection in Kingston, WA
It kind of looks like a UFO, but it's just a traffic light that came out strangely in the photo.

talking Rita
Tracking Rita

JetBlue amazing landing
On the plane, they watched themselves for hours on tv before that incredible landing!

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